About Us

The History

Angeluka's Gents Hairdressers has been established in 2011 to bring the sparkling light in East Barnet Village. The salon makes itself outstanding starting from the design of it, having everything you can ever think about including comfortable sofas and salon chairs to stay as relaxed as possible, a real car for your kids that can enjoy and make them happy, not at last professional tools and devices to make the best haircut experience ever, and finishing with professional and friendly staff.

Our Experience

We know in a society so competitive, where we are pressed up with new requirements of all kinds and knowing that through a pleasant look you can get everything, we really should care about our appearance and make sure we look as best as possible.

Our experienced barber designers, with at least 26 years of experience behind the scissor and open razor, only in gents hairdressers, can achieve the highest standard possible in this field and can make everything to become true when comes to styling and looking as clean and refreshed as it will ever be possible.

This is the main reason why Angeluka’s Gents Hairdressers exists and offers only prestige services at unbeatable prices. We have a wide range of services from classic haircuts to hot towel head/face shaving, making anyone feel so comfortable with their look and achieving a perfect appearance.

We promise that you will enjoy the best experience ever in our salon and you will feel safe and relaxed for the whole duration of your chosen service.

We look forward to welcoming you in our prestige men salon, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!